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Poverty... Like a disease, poverty spreads pervasively through families and communities. Few born into uneducated, low-income families in third world nations have the means or opportunity to rise above their dangerously oppressive circumstances, becoming targets for exploitation.
Exploitation... In Southeast Asia where nearly two million Cambodians have been murdered or tortured by the Khmer Rouge regime, sex trafficking and child prostitution are rampant. Sandwiched between Vietnam and Thailand, Cambodia has become a vital link in Southeast Asia’s human trafficking network. It is thought that one third of global trafficking, or up to 225,000 women and children, are trafficked from Southeast Asia where many desperate families often resort to selling a child to sex traffickers for token sums.
Disease... Childhood diseases such as measles,mumps, diphtheria and polio are all but a distant memory for children in industrialized nations. Still, for children in Africa and Southeast Asia complications from measles, alone, accounts for 240,000 deaths yearly.
Our Mission... Stop The Tears was founded by Dr. Albert Repicci, a Greenwich, CT dentist who witnessed first hand these critical needs while providing health care in third world nations. Working through established Catholic organizations within these impoverished regions, among many other outreach programs underway the foundation has primarily focused on two major priorities. One is to reduce the death rate from childhood diseases in the Kenya Project, while the second, the Cambodia Project, is geared to provide basic life sustaining support along with educational and micro-economic opportunities. This project is aimed at young women and children who have resisted the lure of prostitution or are recovering from the horrific effects of being a victim of sex trafficking.
Our Service... Currently, Stop The Tears Foundation immunizes over 35,000 children a year in Kenya with measurable success in reducing the death rate. While in our Stop the Tears Center in Cambodia we are providing a safe haven, adequate nutrition, literacy programs and socioeconomic awareness for young migrant women and their children who are at risk. We are, further, committed to supporting the development of schools and education programs in the rural provinces which in themselves provide the best deterrent to exploitation. Beyond that the foundation continues to address a wide variety of third world needs such as water wells livestock farms, and sewing schools.

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