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The First Step... Dr. Repicci talks about what motivated him to volunteer his services. He takes his first missionary trip to the Caribbean where he provides basic dental care and fluoride.
Out On A Limb... Dr. Repicci travels to the mountainous regions in India where he is overwhelmed by the openness of villagers. Patients tell him he is the first dentist to visit the village.
No Distractions... HIV positive patients and visa problems are just some of the obstacles Dr. Repicci faces as he travels to Africa. He stays one week treating hundreds of villagers.
Water is Life... Dr. Repicci treats an endless stream of patients and helps fund the first water wells in remote areas of Central and South America.
The Healing Fields... Dr. Repicci fights through red tape and skepticism to provide basic dental care to Cambodians. Along the way, he is confronted with emotional reminders of the Vietnam War.
Free Willy... Flanked by armed escorts, Dr. Repicci finds many patients with massive oral tumors in this remote section of the Phillipines. He also provides hungry villagers with a gift of 100 chickens.
Outer Mongolia and Beyond... Dr. Repicci provides basic dental services to hundreds of malnutritioned nomadics he finds here in outer Mongolia. Before he leaves, Dr. Repicci helps introduce small pig farms and other livestock to natives.

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